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Team 15


Academic Bursaries

Team 15

Since 2004 MIME Solutions Ltd. has sponsored a youth windsurfing race club called the Manley Mere Katz.  The club was formed as a response to the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) drive to encourage young windsurfers by developing a nation-wide network of clubs under an umbrella organization called 'Team 15'. The  aim is to encourage young people who are interested in the sport to have fun, develop their skills and participate in local, regional and in some cases global race meetings. MIME provides volunteer coaching, funding for race kit and club co-ordination services.

Since inception Manley Mere Katz' membership has increased from 2 to 20, with 2 going on to represent the region nationally. For further information on Manley Mere Katz and T15 visit http://www.team15.org.uk, and on the club venue, Manley Mere, visit www.manleymere.co.uk.

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MIME Solutions Ltd. also provides triathlon sponsorship for two of it's employees who both race regularly in the UK. Both are members of the City of Chester Triathlon Club who organise events and training facilities. MIME provides equipment and funding for additional race kit. For further information on the Chester Tri club visit www.chestertri.org.uk.

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Academic Bursaries

MIME encourages knowledge sharing by providing limited spaces on selected training courses for:

  • Students - free of charge (excluding travel and accommodation costs)

  • Academics - significant discounts (excluding travel and accommodation costs)

If you are interested in securing a space please e-mail us with your details.

The MIME Solutions academic bursary scheme has been introduced for the Project Management Toolkit Essentials Training Courses. These courses are structured around principal consultant Dr Trish Melton’s series of project management books, the Project Management Toolkit Essentials series.

The series and workshops guide readers / participants through each of the key lifecycle stages that lead to effective project management and introduce a variety of ‘tried and tested’ unique and generic PM tools and techniques. To the point, brief and entirely practical, the tools presented in the PM Toolkit Essentials series provide a route map for project success.  They are simple and effective resources that provide practical guidelines and actual case studies delivering valuable PM skills; making these titles suitable both as additional learning / refreshers for practicing Project Managers and as university textbooks.

MIME Solutions currently offers a limited number of free of charge course places to students, and 50% discounted places to academics / researchers (VAT, transport and accommodation costs not included). Courses can be attended as multi-day series, or for those interested in one particular PM area, as 1-day stand alone sessions (terms and conditions apply).

Comments have included:

‘I have been impressed by the quality of the course and by Dr Melton’s teaching skills and knowledge of Project Management.’

PhD Researcher, Edinburgh University

‘I really enjoyed the course. The content is really helpful for both supervisors and people in high research/management positions.’

PhD Researcher, Imperial College, London

If you are interested in learning more about the PM Toolkit Essentials series or the accompanying courses please click here.

To read an article on the bursary scheme in The Chemical Engineer (TCE) magazine click here.

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