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Business and Change Management Support Services

The typical range of support services are:

  • Organisational Review structured data collection and analysis, working with appropriate teams within the organisation
  • Business Strategy Development aligning objectives and performance measures with the organisational vision at all levels
  • Business Change linked to operational improvements or organisational change
  • Project Strategy linking the project portfolio within an organisation to the business strategy and change plan
  • Business and Project Risk Assessment analysing potential risks and developing appropriate mitigation and contingency plans
  • Project Health Checks and Project Troubleshooting - reviewing current change programmes, assessing delivery success and the benefit realisation success

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Business and Change Management Training

Training services include:

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Business and Change Management Tools

Examples of the tools used:

  • The Project Delivery Plan Checklist

  • The Business Change Health Check

  • Project Portfolio Matrix Mapping

  • The Risk Matrix

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Process Mapping

  • The Project Management Toolkit

  • The Agile Project Management Toolkit

  • The Benefits Management Toolkit

  • The Sustainability Checklist

  • Table of CSFs

  • Lean Six Sigma Toolkit

  • Consultancy Toolkit

  • Change Management Toolkit

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