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Deployment of Lean Six Sigma

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LSS Deployment

Lean six sigma is applicable to all processes, both manufacturing and transactional. The application of lean six sigma is a data rational, structured approach and organisations need to question whether they know enough about

  • Their processes - and their capability
  • Their customers - and what they value
  • Their business - and how it operates

in order to apply lean six sigma.

Sustainable deployment of lean six sigma can be described by three principles:

  • Level of training - there are many ways to build up lean six sigma competence in an organisation. Too fast and individuals are left with high expectations and nowhere to use their training. Too slow and the organisation is left reliant on external support and a few internal individuals.

  •  Level of external consultancy support - without expert facilitation a lean six sigma deployment programme can make many costly mistakes. However, extensive and lengthy use of external support can leave an organisation dependent upon that support - this is not sustainable.

  • Level of change - the biggest mistakes made within deployment programmes both concern making too much change too early. Initiating one very large improvement project or many small and medium sized ones can have the same result - change overload, extended improvement project time-lines, lack of change sustainability and increased resistance to change for future projects.

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LSS Methodology

The normal methodology for the execution of LSS projects is the DMAIC framework:

D = Define

M = Measure

A = Analyse

I = Improve

C = Control

This is a systematic methodology requiring an experienced facilitator who will guide a team of individuals experienced in the business process being reviewed. It focuses the project on what customers value, determines how this can be measured and ensures that the value is delivered.

This is only a framework and it is up to the facilitator to choose the most appropriate tools to identify and eliminate waste and to identify and reduce variation.

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Visit our MIME and LSS page for details of Lean Six Sigma support services and customised training.

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