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Planning and Delivery Toolkit Training Course

MIME Solutions offers standard and customised planning and delivery toolkit training courses structured around the series:

The Planning and Delivery Toolkit

A 2 day workshop based around the 2 books:

Real Project Planning: Developing a Project Delivery Strategy

Managing Project Delivery: Maintaining Control and Achieving Success

  • •The HOW? stage: robust ‘front end loading’ will get the right people doing the right things at the right time
  • •Failure to plan is planning to fail: projects are not just about cost, scope and time – an in-depth look at business, set-up and control planning (including contract planning)
  • •Focuses on soft skills: manage the message and engage the stakeholders
  • •Assess risk and change as part of planning, then get a step ahead with appropriate tool use and forecasting, applying lean six sigma value-add techniques 

  • •The IN CONTROL? stage: good planning enables accurate forecasting during delivery and ensures the business is ready for the project
  • •Focuses on change management - forecasting and reacting to change appropriately
  • •Introduces the feedback loop: without feedback you are simply monitoring history – control is about using team and tools to forecast the outcome
  • •Demonstrates effective risk tracking mechanisms to ensure appropriate response
  • •Develops cost, scope and time control tools and techniques to help manage change, risk and forecast outcomes

‘I really benefited from the detailed explanations and overall project ethos’ Denis Ring, Lecturer

‘Excellent workshop delivered in a great format’ Kim Burford, Business Change Manager

Course Description

Real Project Planning and Managing Project Delivery were written as practical handbooks for project managers and this accompanying workshop is in a similar style.

Delegates are taken through each of the three planning and delivery levels and introduced to concepts, tools and techniques which align with the eleven planning and delivery themes.

Too often planning and delivery control is restricted to the cost, scope and time elements of a project. Whilst important, they represent only a part of how a project needs to be planned and controlled. This course delivers a set of planning and delivery tools as an in-depth resource supporting project management competency development.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will:

  • Understand the concept of project delivery planning and the planning hierarchy

  • Understand the concepts of controlled project delivery and the delivery hierarchy

  • Understand the concepts of:

  • Business planning and delivery

  • Set-up planning and delivery

  • Control planning and delivery

  • Be able to use the Planning and Delivery toolkits in their own projects

  • Be able to select the appropriate tool to use from the Planning and Delivery toolkits

Course resources (Day courses only - excludes webinars)

1 x delegate folder (exercises and slide pack)

1 x Book (Real Project Planning: Developing a Project Delivery Strategy)                      

1 x Book (Managing Project Delivery: Maintaining Control and Achieving Success)

Access to all tools as downloadable PDF templates



Who should attend?

Managers frequently involved in any type of project requiring more in-depth planning and control tools and techniques...and those preparing for these roles.

How To Book

e-Mail or call 0845 658 6164 to book your place

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