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PM Toolkit Series Reviews

PM Toolkit Essentials Series Reviews

"Trish Melton describes the aim of the book as 'to develop a practical, usable resource which can be picked up and used on day 1'. She has clearly done that. She has also provided some critical tools, such as the 'Why Checklist', that many experienced project managers do not use well. The templates alone are worth the purchase price!" 

PMFORUM uses the internet to provide an impartial arena for the promotion and exchange of project management information and knowledge worldwide. The above is an excerpt from their review of the first edition of the PM Toolkit. For the full review visit www.pmforum.org.

"Dr. Melton covers the basics of project management well. One senses her years of experience in this efficient distillation. Theory is minimal. Practical applications of proven principles, tools and techniques abound.

The core chapters....reflect Dr. Melton's pragmatic rendering of the project lifecycle. These chapters have consistent structure, and the reader can follow them easily. Those in the project management field who feel short changed on the concept and application of benefits management and realization will be edified."

For the full PM Toolkit review visit www.che.com (please note you must subscribe to Chemical Engineering magazine in order to access this review) or click here. Extract and full review reprinted by special permission from CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (Mar 15, 2008) Copyright (c2008), by Access Intelligence, New York, NY10038.

“To the point, brief and entirely practical, `PM Toolkit' is a route map for project success. The real power in this (series) comes from using it as a reference tool. Have it readily to hand as you manage a project…powerful tools for business change processes”

Bill Wilson (Programme Manager, Projects Group, AstraZeneca), reviewing the PM Toolkit series.

"Having been a project manager for 20 years plus I can claim that experience is the best teacher (unfortunately normally bad experiences). However the value of this (series) is that it sets most of the perceived wisdom in one place and links it all together in a format that you can reproduce, project after project. If you are setting out on the adventure called Project Management I'd recommend you read this first."

Arnold Black (Network Director, The Resource Efficiency Knowledge Transfer Network), reviewing the PM Toolkit series.

"The Project Management Toolkit is a great teaching resource which provides practical straightforward mechanisms for the rationalisation, control and audit of projects."

Denis Ring (CEng, MIChemE, University College, Cork, Ireland).

"The old adage of 'Failure to Plan means Planning to Fail' is very true. This book will help inexperienced Project Managers or even those moving into a new field of expertise develop a strategy to ensure things get done to budget and on time."

Arnold Black (Network Director, The Resource Efficiency Knowledge Transfer Network), reviewing Real Project Planning.

"Delivering technology is increasingly about delivering benefit to the business. This book provides a useful frame of reference to make you think about the benefits piece and specifically how you can establish, link and track those benefits."

Confidential Client, reviewing Project Benefits Management.

"As a Project Manager how many times have you delivered the 'perfect project' only to discover that the business wanted something else? All Project Managers claim to be supreme communicators but this book illustrates we have long way to go sometimes. If you are struggling to make your business case, read this book and try again."

Arnold Black (Network Director, The Resource Efficiency Knowledge Transfer Network), reviewing Project benefits Management.

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