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Programme / Portfolio Management Support Services

The typical range of support services are:

  • Portfolio Strategy Development - Linking the portfolio to the business strategy and / or change plan. Aligning objectives at all levels within the programme and ensuring that the benefit measurement system aligns with the business objectives.

  • Programme Review and Trouble Shooting - Structured data collection and analysis. Working with teams within the organisation to determine the health of the programme. Developing tactical plans to overcome identified issues and tools to support the ongoing monitoring and control of the plans.

  • Business Change and Project Portfolio Management - Development of an appropriate portfolio management approach to the delivery of business change programmes. Ensuring that both 'hard' and 'soft' objectives are delivered and linking these to required operational improvements or organisational change so that benefits are realised. Management of business change using lean six sigma principles / tools and best practice change management techniques.

  • Risk Assessment - Analysing potential risks to the achievement of the programme objectives. Developing appropriate mitigation and contingency plans.

  • Programme Management Services - General programme management of engineering and non-engineering programmes globally.

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Programme / Portfolio Management Training

Training services include:

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Programme Management Tools

Examples of the tools used:

  • The Programme Delivery Plan Checklist

  • The Programme Health Check

  • Project Portfolio Matrix Mapping

  • The Risk Matrix

  • Programme Critical Path of Success

  • The Benefits Management Toolkit

  • Lean Six Sigma Toolkit

  • Programme Management Toolkit

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